Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Surprising Struggle

I never could have imagined that the summer of our third year of recovery would possibly be the hardest two months of the entire process. I have hit lows that I didn't anticipate and have challenges that have stretched me beyond my limits at times. I am grateful that God is still at work, though I regularly pray for insight and relief. I want to be in His will, but I frequently waiver in unbelief, anger, doubt, fear, confusion, and distrust. I wish I was less volatile emotionally. Thankfully I have seen God work when things seemed hopeless. That keeps me waking up each day with a renewed focus and purpose - and hope. 

If this doesn't get the best of Amy and me, then we will come out of this stronger than we ever imagined! Pray for us to stay the course and not give in to "hopelessness and despair" or spiritual and emotional fatigue.

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