Monday, July 6, 2015

The Cure and Prevention for Adultery

After much recovery, healing, prayer and struggle, I have come to realize that there are lots of helpful books and resources geared toward personal/spiritual development and recovery. I am thankful for them. I need them. I learn so much from them. 

However, one thing that trumps them all is what Jesus has that none of us have fully and still struggle to grasp in every day life. Its the one thing that when we do embrace changes everything for us and transforms us. 

What Jesus has and longs to pass on to us, bestow upon us, fill us with, and see us take it and run with it into His loving arms and freedom is the greatest gift that we could ever receive and enjoy.

What is it that could prevent adultery and much heartache and help us all walk through this life more joyfully, more confidently, more boldly and less vulnerable to sin? 

It is this ... JESUS KNEW and KNOWS without any doubt that HE is the BELOVED SON of the FATHER. 

John Eldredge expresses this truth so well, "Do you know how the Father feels about you? Jesus did. He walked through the world knowing He was the Beloved Son, the favored one. It's what enabled Him to live as He did. This relationship was meant to be our secret, our joy too. We were meant to know this, too. First through our earthly fathers, and then by the extension of fatherhood, to our Father in the heavens. But few there are who came through their boyhood with such knowledge intact, without a trace of doubt " John Edlredge, The Way of the Wild at Heart. 

God publicly affirmed Jesus calling out His love for Jesus out loud, "This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Matthew 3:17. This was a launching point for Jesus' earthly ministry. 

One of the lies of adultery is FALSE AFFIRMATION. God's affirmation is real, and grounded in His perfect love. Not something we give back. He gives it even if we don't do so in return. 

Do you get that? Do I? Not fully. It blows my mind. It speaks directly to my longings, but shame and fear make it hard to accept, at least on many days. 

This is the only true cure for our brokenness. To live as sons and daughters of King Jesus, the first Beloved Son who have His life so that we may live fully alive. 

Every day we wake up we will need to hear this gospel message. The world and evil one will rob you of this joy and truth. Go "back to the well" and fill up each and every day, every hour. If you and I don't, then we will drift away or simply live life on fumes, not fullness. 

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