Sunday, June 30, 2013

Came to My Rescue

On September 5, 2011, Amy and I were heading home from our four day marriage intensive at the National Institute of Marriage in Branson, MO. We both felt that God had done an amazing work in us through the 30+ hours of group counseling. A few days earlier, though, we had left Clinton hurting deeply but hoping that God would do something BIG. Otherwise, we were doomed. We are forever grateful that we were able to attend.

As Amy and I were preparing to leave our hotel room, a song played on her phone that caused quite an emotional response for me. The whole week had been a spiritual awakening in many ways. Our marriage was strengthened. We started healing personal issues. We had hope that we would make it as a couple. We had direction and clarity on what our next steps would be in our recovery. And, God had proven to be faithful and very involved in the very intimate details of our lives and situation.

The song that played was called, "Came to My Rescue," by Hillsong United. I had heard it before, but this particular day, and even days still, it overwhelms me and humbles me. It is a very worshipful song, and the lyrics are powerful, especially for someone like me who was "rescued" out of darkness.

I was very far gone when my sin got exposed. God refused to let me stay there - thankfully! I longed to be free and "he came to my rescue" as the Bible and this song says. I still wonder, "Why? How?" "How do you still love me, LORD after all I have done to sin against You? Why did You pull me out of the darkness and choose to heal me and save my marriage and my family?"God is good, no doubt. His ways are not my ways. He is faithful, even when I am not. 

When I heard this song on that September day, I was flooded with gratitude, regret over my sin, amazement that God and Amy still loved me, and hope that God had something in store for us; something wonderful.

Lord Jesus, come near to us. We want to be where You are. All we have is Yours.

Came to My Rescue, Hillsong United (Video from YouTube)

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