Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Tired and Worn"

Amy and I have had days when our journey was HEAVY and OVERWHELMING. By God's grace, there have been more good days than bad. That's a true testimony of His goodness no doubt.

Amazingly, we've experienced countless "God moments" in our recovery since August 2011. I hope to share them through this blog, Lord willing. One particular way God showed Himself was through the book, Plan B, by Pete Wilson (Thomas Nelson, 2009). It's a remarkable book about facing life when it doesn't pan out like we hope or expect. God is there with us, though everything within us is struggling to hang on to hope.

There is an exert from the book I want to share, followed by the music video by Tenth Avenue North of their song, "Worn." Both have ministered to me and Amy over the past two years.

Pete Wilson says on pages 23-24:
How many times have you missed witnessing God at work in the midst of your shattered dream because you gave up on him five minutes - or five years - too soon? It happens so easily in a crisis. Our trials of life seem to chip away at us, leaving us exhausted, confused and vulnerable. We resign ourselves to the fact that things simply are the way they are and there is no hope they will ever be any different. Feeling hopeless, we either run, taking things into our own hands, or we give up instead of waiting on God to act. If you are going through a difficult time in your life, don't buy into these lies. Resist the urge. Try to lean toward God instead of panicking. Try to trust Him instead of running away. Despite what your current circumstances are telling you, God is for you. He is there. He is working things out for your good.
Are you feeling tired and worn? I know the feeling. I've been there. I ask God daily (some days I beg) to give me the courage to face the day and trust His will, His plan, His way, and His truth. I don't ever want to let hopelessness take root. How could I after all He has done? The evil one wants nothing more than for God's people to give up hope!

Worn by Tenth Avenue North (music video)
**Video may need to be viewed from a computer, etc. instead of a smart phone.


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